Our story goes back to 2009

About Us

Magic Fingers Studio is a natural hair salon that was established in 2009. We have 2 locations one in East Flatbush ‪and the next in East NY.  We provide a safe and comfortable environment for families to enjoy being serviced. We offer braids, locs, twist, shampoo and condition and more. We offer services to anyone with hair at least 3” long. Our clientele includes men, women, and children. The growth of the business has been amazing to watch.We have collaborated with companies such as Cosmopolitan magazine, Oprah magazine, VH1 and many others. Stasha Mabatano-Harris is a brand ambassador for Ampro gel inc, currently they have a product together that's named Magic Fingers shine n’ jam. 

We offer braiding classes to the public both domestic and international, where we teach our braiding techniques, how we use our products, how to build their social media, basic business lessons and much more. We also shoot with many companies in the beauty industry, providing hair styling services. Working in the hair industry has been a pleasure from helping women, men, and children build their confidence. Magic Fingers Studio employes hard working individuals who are ready to take on a new skill. Coming into a community where I am able to provide jobs and elite customer service helps me understand that growth is possible. 

Magic Fingers studio goal is to continue servicing clients with flawless natural hairstyles in the community while providing braiding classes, hair products and job opportunities for all.

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